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Marcelo Mayworm: Overengineering: Now, who pays the price?

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Overengineering: Now, who pays the price?
posted on 15 Sep 2009 19:02

Hi All, after many time disappeared :)
I come with a new post where Marcelo and I wrote about Overengineering.
If you liked, please be sure to check in Overengineering: Now, who pays the price? (read more…)

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First Day in OSCON 2009
posted on 21 Jul 2009 21:54

Hi there, today I am writing about my first day in OSCON, enjoy…
Google API went my first tutorial yesterday and with it I saw some things cools but I was hoping more. I think that the speaker had to be more dynamic and expressive too. But I gave the discount because I had to install many things in my new computer :D to keeping pass by pass. (read more…)

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My expectation for OSCON 2009
posted on 16 Jul 2009 15:37

In my last post I wrote about OSCON 2009, and as read there, this O'Reilly Open Source Convention is coming and my expectations to see excelents tutorias and sessions up day by day.
Have to open the first day no less than see the tutorial about Introdution to Google App Engine with Joe Gregorio (Google) speaker.
As first sailor travel in a convention that level, I will be lying if I said that my expectations are not high.
Other tutorial that I want so much to watch is How to Write Your Own Eclipse Plug-ins, I am a suspect because I love to use Eclipse IDE and I want to help the community to fix some bugs in some Eclipse plugins. For this tutorial I received a e-mail saying some things about waht I need to do before attending.
Until I read in several blogs and articles I just can think that my expectations will be achieved.
I hope to get success in my goal, that it is to post here in my blog an overview of each lecture after the end. (read more…)

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OSCON 2009 - O'Reilly Open Source Convention
posted on 10 Jul 2009 13:04


OSCON 2009 is happening July 20-24, this year in San Jose, California.
This convention will doing 11 years and it will include some tutorials that go deep into the technology behind open source innovations and sessions miscellaneous focusing on Administration, Business, Databases, Desktop Applications, Design & Usability, Emerging Topics, Java, Linux, Mobile, People, Perl, PHP, Programming, Python, Ruby, Security, Web Applications. (read more…)

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The Importance Of Requeriments
posted on 17 Jun 2009 17:00

Requeriments are the first step toward a solution, and they describe in detail a software system is supposed to do. The types of requeriments are known as: Requeriments Development, Requeriments Analysis (Analysis), Requeriments Definition, Software Requeriments, Specification, Functional Spec and Stories (for Scrum projects). (read more…)

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